A house should feel like home. A place to recharge and experience positive energy. The place to connect with others. A house has so many beautiful functions and therefore has a great impact on how you as a human being stand in life.

It is our mission to create a homely environment where positive energy and abundance prevails. We believe: "if it's well intended, it will bloom". We stand for innovation, creativity and pure entrepreneurship, with a smile. We express these values in our collaborations, so that together we can (re)activate your ultimate living and workspace experience.

A | Brandstory was founded by Ashna Mangnoesing in 2020. In times of change, we become aware of the things that really matter to us. We are used to seeing challenges and difficulties as opportunities to grow. And so, she started exploring ways for companies and individuals to rediscover themselves so that happiness could blossom in their homes and office.

She was captured by the classic form of Feng Shui. From the moment she started applying these principles for the development of her company and in her home, she discovered a new flow of energy and refreshing inspiration. She was immediately more in touch with herself and her work. Everything fell into place. It was time to transfer this blissful experience to others as well.

Homecoming Experience

In our lives, we are so busy defining all the steps we take to move forward, that we forget to enjoy the ride. And that is such a shame, because in life there is no end. As soon as you reach your goal, there will always be a new challenge on your path. It is therefore important that you allow yourself to enjoy the journey and to experience a blissful life.

We find it important to give you a place where you can experience a feeling of intense happiness. A blissful home should be the standard. A blissful environment makes the space more soothing, harmonious, inspiring and at the same time beautiful.

Now you may wonder: how am I going to experience more happiness? This has everything to do with the arrangement and decoration of your house and with you as a resident. It's all about you! We connect your personal blueprint to the blueprint of your home.

Together we will discover what type of shapes, colors and materials empower you as a person and how we can translate that to the best interior design for your home. We all want to come home to relax and connect with our loved ones. Life experiences are shared and experienced together as a family. It is our mission to create the right balance in your home. Not just once, but every day.

Workspace Experience

Nothing is as important as a good energy flow at work. That's why we create beautiful and blissful office spaces, so that entrepreneurs and organizations can live up to their potential and become more successful. An inviting and harmonious atmosphere leads to a better flow between colleagues and higher performance.

During our process we will discover what the purpose is of your company and what your purpose is as an entrepreneur. Why did you choose this specific location? What do you hope to accomplish here at this office? Each space in the office represents a specific element that is in line with specific colors, materials, shapes, furniture etc.

How do you want to interact with the space around you? Together we will design a working environment where positive energy and inspiration is key. A design that is especially for you and only for you.


Home Makeover

Does your existing home no longer reflect your personality? Or don't you experience a feeling of happiness when you enter your home? A Brandstory to the rescue! We start with an inspiration session at your home and finish with a custom-made interior plan, that will light up your day!

Homecoming Experience

A new home is a new beginning. What will you hope to find in your new home? And how are you going to activate and attract that? We start with an inspiration session and finish with a complete custom-made decorated home, that will make your eyes sparkle!

Workspace Experience

A healthy, happy and inspiring working environment! Do you see it in front of you? That's what we do, we create beautiful and blissful workspaces where everyone wants to excel. We will deliver a custom-made interior plan and decorated office, that will give you a taste of how success good look and feel like.


Together we create a blissful experience. Let's get in touch!

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